Retired Horses Living The Good Life!

Cedar Moon Horse Farm

  Heaven on Earth for your Equine Friend                                              

Happy horses like to play

Retired horses living the good life!

The spirit is in the eye


Your horse will enjoy huge, level pastures of nutritious organic grasses, a large clean stall with windows that open, mats for comfort and lots of shavings in a beautiful clean barn! Most of our equine guests are on supplements, and everyone gets excellent quality hay & senior feed.

During the summer months, We have the most gorgeous maintained trails to ride on, creating beautiful memories of quality time spent with your horse! We use fly masks and natural fly sprays to alleviate flying pests as well.
Throughout the cold winter months, we use breathable waterproof blankets which helps older bodies stay warm and dry against freezing wet weather. During the winter season, we heat the water troughs in the paddocks, which the horses really enjoy, this encourages them to drink necessary daily amounts of water, keeping them hydrated....and happy. Every stall has a Himalayan mineral salt block and we do give treats, because horses deserve treats!



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